Treatments dedicated to your wellbeing.

No matter what stage of life you are in, massage can be beneficial.


Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic treatments involve a thorough intake questionnaire and testing to ensure the proper techniques are used for maximal results.

Therapeutic treatments often blend deep and light pressure, depending on the client’s needs. Jessica prides herself on being able to target the affected area, and ensure muscles are properly released.

Common ailments which therapeutic massage has been shown to improve are:

  • migraines

  • sciatic pain

  • poor posture

  • carpal tunnel

  • low back pain

Dynamic/Myofascial Cupping

Cupping is an ancient art that has made a resurgence as of late.

Plastic cups are placed on the skin and use negative pressure to pull the skin up and bring blood flow to the effected areas. Although the technique is not painful, cupping can leave some marking that will eventually fade over time.

Cupping has been proven to be an excellent tool to combat:

  • hamstring strains

  • plantar fasciitis

  • tension headaches

  • general pain and tightness

We happily includes cupping in all massages if requested, with no extra charge. If you have any questions, or are not quite sure whether cupping is right for you, ask for a demonstration during your next appointment!


Prenatal Massage

Safe, yet effective.  Our therapists have taken advanced courses to ensure your pregnancy can be as comfortable as possible.   Prenatal massage has been shown to increase circulation, decrease back and leg pain and help maintain proper posture during all trimesters.

 Please note the number of weeks you are in your pregnancy on your intake form.

Aromatherapy Massage

After determining your needs and symptoms, you will be guided in choosing an aromatherapy blend to suite your needs. Aromatherapy can decrease muscle pain, promote a sense of relaxation, increase circulation and even sooth cold symptoms. Oils will be added to the entire treatment, leaving you refreshed and soothed. All therapists are trained in safe oil use and have received certification before providing this treatment.

Pediatric Massage

For information on our children specific massage treatments, please see our Kid’s Massage Page here

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