Jessica Villeneuve, Founder, RMT/CPMT

Jessica Choronzey has been a RMT for over five years, graduating from the world renowned CCMH College in Ontario, Canada.  

As a child, Jessica was a competitive level gymnast, eventually leading to a life changing injury in the form of a fractured spine.  While undergoing her own  healing journey, she knew from a young age that her passion in life was to help others feel their best.  This passion has lead her to become a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, believing that littles deserve the same care as adults.

Being a migraine sufferer herself, Jessica also understands the trials of living with chronic, debilitating pain.  She has focused much of her continuing education on neurological and cervical spine conditions.  Jessica believes that no one should consider living with constant pain acceptable, and makes it her mission to have her clients living a full, and comfortable life.

Jessica takes a unique approach to massage therapy.  She will work with you to set goals, find the root of your pain, and create a plan to resolve the problem.  It isn't just a basic relaxation massage when you're on her table; it’s about getting better, being better and taking back the joy in life.

Jessica’s areas of expertise:

Chronic Pain Treatments . Dolphin MPS Neurostim . Cupping . Pediatric Massage . Accessible Massage for Autism, Cerebral Palsy & Childhood Conditions. Oncology Therapy . Palliative Care .


Dr. Robin Wittner, DCM, Acupuncturist

Dr. Robin graduated from her acupuncture program here in Calgary, AB.

She completed additional training in China, where she was immersed in the authentic and traditional world of Chinese Medicine. She believes in healing the body from the inside, and is passionate about chronic pain and fertility treatments.

Robin has branched out into working with autoimmune disorders, and hard to diagnose issues such as Lyme Disease. She believes in working with the patient to determine a diagnoses instead of simply treating the symptoms.

Robin has a welcoming demeanour, putting you at ease throughout your entire treatment.